Flew and got the Flu

I’m definitely wearing one of them bloody masks the next time I get on an airplane; I don’t care how stupid I look. I mean every time I get on a plane I catch something. Going over to Ireland, I caught a cold off the baby sitting next to me, and coming back I caught the bloody flu, don’t know who I caught that from. But it doesn’t matter what the proximity is does it? I mean the bugs are all swimming around in the air aren’t they? They come out on the host’s breath and join in with the general bug traffic, into the cabin and from there through to the A/C where they are brought to the desired temperature of the cabin crew, back out again and up through the noses of everyone on board who is breathing. I saw a couple of people wearing masks this time and wondered what they did for a living, one guy looked like a musician, maybe even a singer. I looked at him once and drew those conclusions, but I didn’t bother looking at him again, so why not? Colds or flu are a nightmare for singers.

In spite of what you would think, I don’t like to draw attention to myself, and I care about what others think, even total strangers that I will never see again. But I must be moving into a different gear, because I am at the stage where I am willing to do this. I wouldn’t be walking around the cabin with it on though, would I? Just while I’m seated, that’s what that guy did, didn’t he? Oh shit I suppose not, you’d have to wear it from the start, before you get on the plane. Oh God I don’t know if I’m ready for that. I get enough attention as it is when I swing the bloody guitar up into the overhead, all 60 pounds of it in its travel case. All while that impossible traffic thing is happening, trying to get all the hand luggage that Clare had brought up above also, getting off the Canadian winter coat and finding the glasses and the book, standing and sweating profusely in the middle of a three foot wide aisle, while everyone else is impatiently waiting for you to get done. Trying to pull my arse in out of the way while stretching upwards. I think the mask might make that a lot harder, don’t you? Panting for air while looking like you have a compromised immune system, some kind of lethal disease. Ah shit I’m doomed; I couldn’t do that, could I?  

Any suggestions?

The good news is I am completely well now T.G (my mother used that one-‘Thank God’) and today I scouted my first gig in NY for nine months. 11th Street has upgraded its back room and made it even cozier, they got rid of the huge round table that used to trap people, and now they serve snacks as well as fine cocktails. They have installed a really nice new sound system also, I played the piano and felt the vibes, it’s going to be a lot of glee, like only the East Village can be, you can’t go astray, not a bad day for a Wednesday!!!  I advise that you get there at 8 p.m. for an 8.30 show. Fred will be there and Andriette and John, Kath had to be in England sadly for the funeral of her dear mother-in-law.

Tickets for 11th Street on Wednesday Feb 20th are available at the link on the Gigs page.  I look forward to seeing my NY brothers and sisters there. I love you enough to share your bugs, don’t I?  Pierce xxxxx