Love never fails me
It never failed me yet
Ye know love
Never gave me fret
It’s one thing I know
Time has told me so

Truth is the kingdom
A reign that is safe and sound
Ye know truth
Is reliable ground
It’s the same growing up
As it is coming down

Hope never holds me
It never held me down
Ye know hope
Wears eternity’s crown
Sees good in the bad
And accepts what is found
Love never fails

And greed is our jailer
It keeps our failure in shoes
Yes greed is humanity’s bruise
For everyone who wins big
Many millions will lose
Love never fails

If love isn’t the way, then what is?
Occasionally I slip into a mind of cynicism,
but after a while it hurts. Once I recognise
it, I immediately try to get out of it, it’s hard.
Being negative and cynical is addictive,
it won’t let go until it’s replaced with its
opposite: love!

It took a long time to write this song btw, it
had a lengthy evolution. When I added an
instrumental that I had written for a Colin
Broderick movie called Emerald City, it
came together, I whistled the second part
of the instrumental, because I was playing
the guitar at the time, we ended up keeping
that, and playing the rest on the piano. Fred
Parcells added his lovely trombone part, and
Gerry somehow got his guitar to sound like
an oboe. Still the song was almost left off
the album, but Gerry thought it had a charm,
and Fred liked it too, Fred is as sound as a
pound, and if he likes it, that’s good enough
for me. This song sounds like a black and
white song to me, like something from
Revolver, our favourite Beatles album, Dick
Connette (StorySound) and myself, I used
to sing “For No One” with a string quartet,
I like to imagine “LNF” fills that position on
Terrible Good