P.T’s Terrible Good comes back to Ireland

Pierce Turner’s new album has started a bit of a fire, after being offered a new recording deal with a New York East Village label, he and crack guitarist, Gerry Leonard went to work on making this critically acclaimed New York/Irish album that has stirred a lot of hearts and brought support from the musically opinionated.

John Dunne from Portlaoise says “This album full of great songs and glorious singing – will be talked and written about as much as the latest flavour of the week”You might say who is John Dunne? Precisely! That’s the story of Pierce Turner, he belongs to the quiet and discerning, the toughest and most honest audience of all.

Everyone should be so lucky as to have John or his Brother Tom like your music. Of course you can add lots of other more notorious people to the list; John Creedon, Christy Moore, Philip Glass, ValMcDermid, Joseph O’Connor, Kevin Barry, Billy Roche, Suzanne Vega, EoinColfer, Jim Sheridan, Timothy Hutton, Brad Pitt. Matt Dillon, Liam Fay,The Irish Times four star review, and Hot Press to the list of yeahs. Just google Pierce Turner Terrible Good, and see for yourself.

P.T did perform the album in Wexford last December 23rd before a Covidlimited audience,with Delia Lynch on Cello, the great Sam Kileen was supposed to be there too, playing guitar, but he caught Covid the day before. However the songs from Terrible Good with their New York City gravitas stood tall through all resistance, and the show sent the audience flying home over Rowe Street Church.

Soon P.T returns home from New York where he has been performing Terrible Good with Tony Shanahan (Patti Smith and Beck) on Bass and vocals, Gerry Leonard (David Bowie, Susanne Vega) on Guitar Yuval Lion on drums (David Byrne) Fred Parcells on Trombone and vocalsThe line-up from the album.


‘Terrible Good’ achievements so far.

*Album of the week on RTE

*Double page feature in The Sunday Times

*This record seeks to find grace, at times folding in the spacier end of the Stones, and the sensual R&B aesthetic of Marvin Gaye.

The Irish Times**** – 2/25/22

“Gestated in a tough, tenacious brew that begins with a bang, and offers no letup throughout…a rugged repast that’s part and parcel of Ireland’s old country attitude”

American Songwriter – May/June 2022

”Pierce Turner’s songs are like a soundtrack to a pub rock documentary – mixing the pent up singing of Joe Strummer atop the supercharged guitar sounds. It’s no surprise that Turner splits his time between Ireland and NYC, as his contagious old school rock statement is as much hustle and bustle as it is explosively passionate”

Glide Magazine Arizona- 11/9/21

“An Irish bloke who put down some deep Big Apple roots over the years, this singer-songwriter has a sound and a style that is vintage and homegrown in the most superb way, but still holds your attention today, in the modern age, as if it is this creative endeavor that is shiny and new.

Wholly unrefined with an understated amount of rock and roll grit, [Pierce Turner] comes across as refreshing – the complete opposite of manufactured.

His tone as an artist builds out that idea in a Johnny Cash meets The Cure sort of way. Reflective fifties and sixties artistry with the production quality and electricity of the eighties illuminate where Pierce Turner is going and what he wants to say in his jam-worthy music”

The Aquarian New Jersey- 1/11/22

“Terrible Good is indeed terribly good, born into a musical paradise where Van Morrison might co-exist with The Radiators and The Undertones. And even if that doesn’t immediately ring the right kind of bell for you, give Pierce Turner’s latest salvo a listen. He is, after all, a unique and fascinating talent –and always, but always, worth hearing”

Hot Press Ireland- 3/29/22

“Pierce Turner — whose life, work, songs, and stories span the Atlantic from Wexford, Ireland, to Manhattan’s East Village — has made his most rocking album to date. Produced by former Bowie guitarist Gerry Leonard, Terrible Good is an edgy guitar album that forges an extraordinary alloy of ’70s downtown New York punk and Irish alternative rock. The songs offer reflections on love, friendship, immigration, mortality, and the need for resilience against hard times. Somehow pounding and soaring at the same time, the songs soulfully testify to the awful and awesome everyday, the human predicament — it’s Terrible Good. “Being a musician is a dodgy way to make a living, just like anyone who is self-employed I suppose. But it is a portable job, so there is always a gig around the corner that gets us out of trouble, so long as there is a guitar or a piano to play, I can make a few bob. Being a songwriter requires a certain amount of living outside the box I suppose, the trouble is, sometimes you live there too long, and then you have to get up, shake yourself, hunt for a gig, and set a few things up.”

No Depression MagazineA quarterly English journal. introduces the single “Set a few things up” March 14 – 2022

• Pierce Turner’s top ten songs, with comments. In the weekly feature Rhythm Nation for The Sunday Business Post an Irish national.

March 17, Joe’s Pub, 425 Lafayette St, New York, NY 10003

Terrible Good launch. Irish performer Pierce Turner just released his new album, Terrible Good! Working on this album with a fellow NYC-based Irish artist Gerry Leonard created this Irish rock album. In celebration of Saint Patrick’s Day and the album’s release, Pierce Turner is performing at Joe’s Pub with an all-star band including Gerry on guitar, Tony Shanahan on bass (Patti Smith), and Yuval Lion on drums (David Byrne).

AM. New York– Things to do in NYC on March 17th “Gestated in a tough, tenacious brew that begins with a bang and offers no letup throughout…a rugged repast that’s part and parcel of Ireland’s old country attitude.

American Songwriter – May/June 2022 Gerry Leonard-Pierce Turner NYC .