We caught one! Joe’s Pub NYC Saturday April 28th-9pm

I was lying on the floor at the Gym, the Asser Levy, a public Gym, I like it because it’s cheap, and because normal people go there. No annoying music, and no perfect bodies preening themselves in the mirror. Was stretching away on the ground there, when a pair of huge flat feet went by in gum shoes. Atop those feet, a very big man was stuffed inside dark blue overalls with “Staff” written on the back. He walked with the ponderous gait of someone who was jaded with their job. He was trying to shake off a piece of white cardboard stuck to his foot, turned out to be a glue trap, a cruel invention covered in very strong adhesive. He shook his foot, no go, he tried to pull it off, his beer belly got in the way of his stoop, no go, he leaned against a machine and tried to rip it off, no go. He tried walking again, it was really getting on his nerves, he was stuck to it! A fellow staff member howled with laughter and shouted “Look everybody, we caught one!”
Pierce Turner Ensemble at Joe’s Pub Saturday April 28th 2018 at 9pm – box office 212-967-7555